Amer Raza

Director, Asia-Middle East

Mr. Raza has over 25 years of consultancy experience in the field of energy, natural resources, agriculture and healthcare and has represented world known companies in Pakistan. Mr. Raza has also strong linkages with multi-lateral agencies like, USAID, World Bank, ADB as well as with government institutions.

Mr. Raza has associated with IRG since late eighties and has been assisting in developing various projects in Pakistan. The key success for IRG in Pakistan was strong linkages between Washington DC office and Islamabad.

This resulted an effective flow of information and interaction with all the key stake holders to ensure that IRG proposals reflect the thinking of the client (in this case Government of Pakistan) as well as achieve the goals of RFP.

This policy has been very successful as IRG which started his operations by having a project of just couple of millions project in late eighties is now implementing over US$ 250 million “Power Distribution Improvement Program”, and is a known name in all the key energy related departments of Government of Pakistan.


  • Harza Engineering, USA, secure $ 20 million Sub surface Drainage/Environmental Impact study project.
  • As country representative of International Resources Group, USA, secured two World Bank funded contracts for providing technical services for institutional development and transfer of technology to Private Power Infrastructure Board. Value of contract $ 7 million.
  • Worked as Consultant with USAID and Ministry of Food and Agriculture and assisted in establishing Agri Business Cell to assist private sector investors, both local and foreign, who wish to consider starting new agribusiness or to expand existing ones. The purpose of this Cell was to promote and facilitate agribusiness development. This assignment was entrusted on the basis of National competitive bidding.
  • Involved with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development in scrutiny of Development Schemes received from District Administrators-under People’s Programme, assistance in preparation of PC-l which includes research work of different schemes and financial and economic analysis including the preparation of Umbrella PC- 1 of World Bank funded ‘Rural Water, Sanitation and Health Project”. The total cost of the project is US$ 250 million over the period of eight years
  • Financial Analysis of energy conservation projects under ENERCON in order to ensure sound investment.


ADB: Supporting the Private Participation in Infrastructure Program (PPIB):
ADB funded this study aimed to support the Government of Pakistan in further strengthening the institutional framework for private participation in infrastructure (PPI) consistent with international best practices by undertaking an independent strategic performance assessment of Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB).

As National Coordinator for this project was engaged but not limited to the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Support the international experts in all aspects of undertaking his assignment, as needed;
  • Collect information about the institutional and financial capacity and PPIB’s role with respect to existing and expected future initiatives;
  • Collect information about PPIB’s activities in the areas of establishing an enabling environment for PPI projects in the power sector and facilitating individual power projects;
  • Consolidate all information collected in a write-up and/or form required by the international experts in the preparation of the report on the PPIB assessment findings and recommendations;
  • Support the Government and the international consultant in organizing a stakeholder seminar to discuss the preliminary findings


Participated in the preparation of a report on investment and banking practices in Pakistan. Special emphasis was given to the role and mandate of non-financial institutions (primarily government ministries) that regulate and interact with investment plans, products, services and terms of businesses and any barriers or facilitating factors in the process were identified recommended were made to eliminate/reduce the barriers.

This assignment required extensive interviewing with Federal Ministries, major financial institutions, equipment importers, engineering firms and industrial managers


Under sub-contract to Oakridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Tennessee, USA, conducted marketing and economic feasibility of production of coal briquettes in Pakistan for the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of Pakistan.


For UNIDO and Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources, Government of Pakistan, conducted the Energy Survey of 30 plants in Textile, Paper and Metal Mechanic industry throughout Pakistan


  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA)
    with course emphasis on finance, marketing and general management.
  • Degree in Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com).
    Major was in Business Accounting and Cost Accounting and minor in Business Administration.


Completed a comprehensive six week training course on “Energy Efficiency Management” conducted by the “The Energy Planning and Development Project (ENERPLAN)” and The National Energy Conservation Center (ENERCON) in March/April 1986.


Travel extensively through Canada, United States, Western Europe, Far East and Middle East.