Management Team

About PaxTerra

Bringing together great minds and world-class firms from developing and developed countries who can advise, solve, implement and invest on their own turf. New ground rules for development. New approaches for the future.

Development is not what outsiders do. It is what the people, societies, institutions and governments of developing countries do. We can help leverage for the better changes already happening with or without donor assistance. The world is increasingly interconnected, even for the dispersed poor. Interdependent prosperity is the only viable path for developing countries to provide opportunity for their societies. It is also the path to a more equitable, safer, more resilient, more prosperous and increasingly globalized world. PaxTerra is committed to helping create the framework for self-sustaining development that is country-driven and builds on “good enough governance” at the local, provincial and national levels. A positive enabling environment to invest in nature, capitalize on technology, mobilize domestic and international capital, build the businesses that create prosperity, and unleash positive initiative.

We see a world of rapid, accelerating change. We understand and embrace the positive levers of change that have already transformed options for billions. Private investment, infrastructure, energy, science and technology are tools for education and empowerment, for bringing knowledge and access to the isolated, and for giving a voice to the voiceless. Healthcare delivery and telemedicine can nurture our planet’s most important resource – human capital. PaxTerra is firmly committed to the equality of women and girls, 51% of the world’s human capital, through access, new ideas and new tools for organizing and communicating.